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Life is a journey

Life is such a challenge some days. Between work and home, family and friends, sickness and bills it all can make us feel like we are drowning at times. We become stressed and we just want some peace. We become so angry at our circumstances that we lash out at those around us and sadly, those around us tend to be those we love the most.

It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. It doesn’t have to consume our lives or our days.

As a baby nothing is off limits and those around us push us to become bigger and better. They overlook the small details of dirty diapers and stained clothing to see our greatness. As toddlers the joy of our individuality is still there but we are now starting to hear messages such as “stop that”, “be quiet”, “don’t be naughty”. Those new messages of our flaws don’t really take hold yet as we still feel invincible. However, as we grow those messages of our flaws become louder and more common. We begin to hear them from those who should love us unconditional but also from those who don’t know us at all. Doubt begins to creep in. Are we not fabulous? Are we not able to conquer the world? Should we not be here?

Messages we hear as we transition thru our lives can have a profound effect on our psyche, relationships and our life. Those messages affect how we deal with those around us and more importantly, how we treat ourselves.

Those messages don’t have to define who we are or who we become.

The challenge of life isn’t to try and make it to the end. I believe the challenge is to try and make it to the end making a positive difference in the world and leaving it a better place for those who follow. That’s a huge responsibility and for someone who feels like they are already drowning it can be hugely overwhelming. Our personal challenge is to try to find our true selves. Our selves that were born fabulous and perfect. Our selves who could accomplish anything and be anything we desired. That person is still within us. That person has simply been scolded and molded to be what the world thinks they should be. The world is wrong. The world needs the greatest that we were born to share and teach others.

As we age we have so many opportunities to learn and grow and experience things that are beyond our imagination. There are experts everywhere we look if we simply open our eyes and our hearts. I started a new challenge this week that will help me grow and become closer to what I was born to be. My challenge to you is to find your own personal desire to become more, to become what you were born to be. Find a mentor, a program, a book, a guide to help you along the way when you stumble and want to give up. Find something that makes you want to cry just thinking about achieving it. That why you must override all those negative thoughts and find your way back to your unlimited potential.

I believe in you. I believe you can change the world. I believe the world needs you to be everything you were born to be.